By Published On: January 18, 2022

Although the world had plenty of challenges in 2021, and still does as we roll through the first weeks of 2022, life continues to progress forward. I hope that as you look back on 2021 and ahead to 2022 you are able to pause for a moment and take count of your forward progress.  Although it feels like the pandemic is stuck in a Groundhog Day style loop, life is certainly moving forward.  Travel is coming back, new businesses are opening, people are moving into new homes and new cities and my wife and I have enjoyed the return to in-person orienteering and running races.  It all looks different than before the pandemic, but as is often repeated, life finds a way.  The big change in our family for 2021 was the rescue puppy, Marco, we brought home as a companion for our 10+ year old dog, Waldo. We found ourselves once again with chewed shoes, sleep disruptions, and puppy shenanigans.  I guess there’s a reason we call them life cycles!

Groundhog Day Can’t Stop Market Progress

Despite the pandemic’s continuation, global gross domestic product grew and expanded beyond its pre-pandemic peak in 2021.  The market has reflected the complexities of the global recovery, and despite an overall above average return for 2021, returns have been a bit uneven across the global investment universe.  The US, and especially our technology sector, has generally led while returns across the rest of the globe remain a bit more muddled amidst varying levels of success in dealing with the coronavirus and its fallout.  One of the biggest takeaways from market returns over the past year is that despite the overall volatility and uncertainty in the markets, long-term investors continued to be rewarded.

Inflation has probably been the biggest topic in financial news, impacting both markets and public policy.  Although there is an ongoing debate about how long it will last, there seems to be broad agreement that this is NOT the stagflation of the 1970s, but rather demand driven inflation.  As the Federal Reserve works to reign in consumer and business spending, some of which is connected to the various stimulus actions taken in 2020 and early 2021, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we continue to have some market volatility in the near term.  With dialogue on the Build Back Better Act continuing to fill the air waves, some might even argue this is business as usual.

And Now It’s Tax Time

With the start of the new year comes an accounting of 2021 and filing of taxes.  If we will be preparing your taxes for the first time and you have questions, or we do not handle your taxes and you’d like to learn more about that option for the future, please give me call.  If we do handle your taxes, please feel free to share your tax documents with us via our secure document uploader at your leisure as they roll into your mailbox.

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Daniel Tobias of Passport Wealth Management Fee-Only Financial Planner in Cornelius, NC
Daniel Tobias is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Professional and a Fee-Only Advisor. He owns Passport Wealth Management, a financial advising firm based in Cornelius, NC that works with clients across the globe. He helps individuals plan for retirement, manage investment portfolios, mitigate taxes, and secure their financial futures. With more than 10 years in the industry, Daniel has spoken nationally on financial planning practice management and has served on the National Association Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) South Regional Board. He resides with his family near Lake Norman in North Carolina where he enjoys mountain biking, hiking and travel.

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