By Published On: October 8, 2018

Thank You.

I could not begin this letter in any other way: Thank you!  I mean to thank you not only for your business and your support, but also for the patience you’ve shown me as I get my systems up and running and get back to what I do best—working with you to help you achieve your goals.  With that in mind I’d like to share with you some of my own goals, both for this business and for myself.  Given I spend considerable time at each of our meetings asking you about your future, I feel this is only fair!

As you already know, I’m your financial advisor and that means I will be monitoring your portfolio, managing investments for the long term, controlling costs, and keeping focused on our strategy.  I will continue to educate myself and log 2-3 times the continuing education required of me to maintain my CFP® credential.  Passport Wealth Management is structured with an eye toward the future.  I aim to build something that lasts beyond me, with a stable of dedicated long-term employee-partners.  Your quarterly statements should provide you with insight as to the actual performance of the portfolio and, exclusive of this first statement, will be delivered to you electronically using our secure portal, iPhone and/or Android apps.  Although this letter is a little different, I plan for most of my formal communication to go beyond markets and economics, and include updates and information on the firm, my personal life, financial as well as ‘body’ wellness, travel and interesting topics I think you might enjoy.  Since it is my job to help keep you accountable to your goals, I also want to share with you my shorter-term personal goals in an effort to help keep myself accountable:

  • Target 2019: Get back in the saddle, and maybe start rock-climbing. One of the reasons for moving to North Carolina was to be able to get outside more.  The weather is cooling off and mountain biking is about to become a Sunday morning priority.  It’s also high-time I join a climbing gym!
  • Target 2020: Get up very early one Saturday morning and bike the 80 miles to the NC Zoo and meet the rest of the family for breakfast before visiting the animals. This means focusing on my health, fitness and time management to build a well-balanced life.
  • Target 2022: About one year ago my wife told me she wanted to take me to Antarctica to celebrate my 40th birthday in the winter of 2022. Want to join us?

Since Jillian and I returned from our travels around the world, the memories and experiences from our travels have followed us everywhere we go.  As I’ve grown in my role as a CFP® Professional, I’ve found myself calling upon these experiences with increasing frequency.  I’ve had many clients ask me to create financial plans to “help them do that” or even just ask to see my actual passport!  More and more I’ve learned this business is less about returns and diversification and more about what our money can create for us, specifically experiences and memories with those we care about.

Back when we lived in Washington, DC, I remember an advertisement on the wall of our Metro station with a picture of a big piece of cake followed by the words: “Do This Better!”  The advertisement was for one of the local gyms.  Whatever your goals are—living large with a Tesla, flying an airplane, having a mountain house, living in Portugal, enjoying time well spent with your spouse or spending that time with your children or grandchildren—I look forward to helping you do that better.

Again, thank you for this opportunity.


Live Long and Prosper,

Daniel Tobias, CFP®

Please note: The above is a copy of the 2018 Q3 Passport Wealth Management client newsletter attached to quarterly statements from October 2018. The newsletter is published to the website for informational purposes only and is not financial or investment advice. You should consult a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional for financial advice. Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Indexes are not available for direct investment. Investing involves risks, including the potential for loss of principal. There is no guarantee that markets will act as they have in the past or that any investment plan or strategy will be successful.

About the Author: Dan Tobias

Daniel Tobias of Passport Wealth Management Fee-Only Financial Planner in Cornelius, NC
Daniel Tobias is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Professional and a Fee-Only Advisor. He owns Passport Wealth Management, a financial advising firm based in Cornelius, NC that works with clients across the globe. He helps individuals plan for retirement, manage investment portfolios, mitigate taxes, and secure their financial futures. With more than 10 years in the industry, Daniel has spoken nationally on financial planning practice management and has served on the National Association Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) South Regional Board. He resides with his family near Lake Norman in North Carolina where he enjoys mountain biking, hiking and travel.

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